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Recently, a friend called me and asked, Ayobami, How do I find my purpose in life? What are the things I need to do to find and pursue my purpose? Oh well, those questions prompted this write-up. In the last one year, I have been asked alot of questions by different people- Family,friends,colleagues, etc. Top on the list are:How do you manage? How do you cope with your jobs as a Network Engineer, Professional MC and Public Speaker? How are you able to handle all these been a passionate family man? Well the answers to all these questions are embedded in one statement – I FOUND MY PURPOSE.

Discovering your purpose in life is something we must all do. Knowing what to pursue gives your life purpose. So for the purpose of this write-up, I will use myself as example and tell my story of how I found my purpose. When I was embarking on the journey of finding my purpose, there was one questions I asked and answered myself - What do I intend to achieve after finding and pursuing my purpose? That was my first step into my journey. Then I told to myself: in the process of finding my purpose, I have to improve my personal relationship with my God, my family and my fellow human beings. I have to make a positive difference in the lives of the people I meet, and if I can through my post, impact lives of those I haven’t met. Also, I needed to align myself with the people who will enable me make a difference in the world. With these, I will be able to fully utilize my purpose to achieve my set goals. While on this, I spoke to my cousin Dr. Shogo (,, who is now my mentor and coach. He highlighted what I needed to do which included deep soul-searching.

Listed below are my personal real life experiences on how I found myself. In these, you’ll discover the first of many worthwhile purposes that will transform your life into super living.


For years, I have always found myself speaking at some place, event, or just within friends. Either speaking to educate or entertain. In my adolescent years, I enjoyed writing so much. Recently I found notes, poems, articles etc that I had written years ago. Also, there’s always someone who would come to me for advice on relationships and life goals and with utmost joy, I give them tips which eventually help out. Now as a professional, I have channeled all to anchoring events(wedding receptions,corporate events,etc), speaking at workshops or seminars, training, coaching and counselling. Also, I am happy when I am involved in bringing out the best in others, when delivering motivational and inspirational talks, and when I am in the midst of positive minded people.


Basically, I get my energy from reading inspiring books and empowering people to higher levels of achievement and peak performance through speaking, coaching and counselling. There’s always a sense of fulfilment when you coach/counsel others to achieve and it yields results. This motivates me and makes me want to learn and do more. I get excited talking about the unlimited potential of human beings; how they can begin from nowhere to somewhere (attaining heights unimaginable). I love talking about setting and achieving goals, overcoming adversities, faith in oneself, personal victories, and my story of how I overcame adversities and became an inspiration to others.


No need trying to be like anyone. No need to do what everyone is doing. No need to try out what others have succeeded in doing. Meanwhile, you can have a mentor whom you look up to. But ultimately in whatever path you have chosen, BE YOU. Be the best YOU.

My greatest strengths are my faith in GOD and myself. I strongly value family and friendship. I am daring, determined, tenacious, inspiring, supportive, hardworking and I am passionate about doing things well and exceeding expectations.

With the above points, in your own way (field), if you are able to honestly respond from your heart, you will be able to find your purpose.

Ayulah:Speaking Services (September 2016)

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