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Fear-this is an ancient topic associated with human race. I have spoken to a lot about ‘fear’ and my best explanation of the word fear is ‘an emotion experienced when the brain and mind believes that something (or someone) is harmful, dangerous or would poses a threat’. 

As a child, we were all fearless, free and adventurous to explore anything that came our way. Then gradually the adult folks found some ways to a instill a level of fear in us. The fear: of playing too much, falling and getting injured, not doing well in school etc. Then as teenagers and young adults we still had a level of courageous attitude. But as we aged, many people grow more fearful. We get more prone, allowing fear control our lives and destroy our dreams. Perhaps we realize there is a lot at stake at this point. Any mistake could be life-changing. Rather, we should definitely become more fearless with age because wisdom (which usually comes with age) makes us more apt to see the truth in a situation. That fear is a myth, a creation of a weak mind, is illustrated by this acronym: FEAR- F(alse) E(vidence) A(ppearing) R(eal).

While I was in the college, some of my classmates were seemingly fearless super-achievers, while some looked like they were going to end as touts in garages. However, as years passed, the reverse happened to a few. I have seen some whom I thought were going to excel beyond boundaries, surrendered their dreams, literary to some type of fear. Many times, I have heard people say, "I can't afford to pursue my dream because I don't have enough money." I ask them how much they need. Usually the answer is, "I don't know. But I know I don't have enough." Same thing with time. Are you complaining that you don't have the time to pursue your dreams or that you are busy, while never actually scheduling an hour to see how you might break your dream into smaller projects? We encounter failure in different forms, FEAR OF FAILURE, FEAR OF REJECTION, FEAR OF CHANGE, DECISION MAKING FEAR, FEAR OF RESPONSIBILITY, FEAR OF COMMITMENT, and FEAR OF SUCCESS. 

The first step in conquering our fears is to have Self confidence. Anytime I speak on self confidence, I make reference to the words of Eleanor Roosevelt -“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop to look fear in the face....You must do the thing you think you cannot do." Self confidence starts with the ability to never be afraid of defying conventions. The fear of not conforming and bowing to societal standards has been identified as the oldest and fastest way to kill a dream. Never be afraid to walk alone if necessary, because on a tight rope we all walk alone.

One thing you must never allow fear to do is to stop you achieving your dream. Never stop until all your dreams come true. Remember, obstacles and fear are the things you see when your eyes are off the target. 

 ……… To be continued

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